silent piano’s

Silent piano’s

Veelgevraagd zijn ook de ‘silent’ piano’s. Dit zijn akoestische piano’s die met hoofdtelefoon zonder geluidsoverlast bespeeld kunnen worden. Ideaal voor bijvoorbeeld in een appartement. Ook kan Haarsma Muziek de systemen inbouwen in uw eigen piano. Vraag naar de mogelijkheden.

yamaha b1 silent
Yamaha Silent piano B1

b1-model uitgerust met het staande ‘Silent Piano’-systeem (Simple Type)
De b1 is voor een lagere prijs beschikbaar dan die van menig concurrent, maar voldoet toch volledig aan alle Yamaha-normen. De b1 biedt u de mogelijkheid over een echte Yamaha te beschikken, waarbij de prijs u zal verbazen en verheugen.

yamaha b2 silent
Yamaha Silent piano B2

Front and rear casters enhance movability while the elegantly details, traditional cabinetry ensures that the b2 looks right at home in your living space. For the more serious pianist, b2 is the perfect combination of performance and affordability.

yamaha b3 silent
Yamaha Silent piano B3

The b3 out performs piano’s costing a great deal more by incorporating Yamaha’s traditional values as well as benefiting from the latest production techniques. b3’s powerful yet articulate characteristics are produced by larger frame and soundboard and higher grade hammers coupled to a proven, high specification action design. For the ambitious performer on a budget, there is no better instrument.

Yamaha silent P116SG
Yamaha Silent piano P116-SG

With magnificent cabinetry, spruce soundboard and back posts crafted to European preferences, the P116 delivers superb sound quality while remaining compact in appearance.

yamaha p121sg
Yamaha Silent piano P121-SG

Designed in Europe to European preferences, the P121 boasts exquisite cabinetry, European spruce soundboard and back posts and the rich, expressive voice of a full-sized upright.

Yamaha Silent SU7
Yamaha Silent piano SU7

SU7 model equipped with the Upright “Silent Piano” system (SG Type)
Pursuing the utmost piano performance in a classic, simple design, the SU7 is the pinnacle of Yamaha’s upright pianos.

yamaha u1
Yamaha Silent piano U1

U1 model equipped with the Upright “Silent Piano” system (SG Type)
A perennial favorite among discerning pianists, the Yamaha U1 offers outstanding musical performance, setting the standards by which many other upright pianos are measured.

Yamaha silent U-3S
Yamaha Silent piano U3S

U3 model equipped with the Upright “Silent Piano” system (SG Type)
An expansive soundboard and acoustic chamber give the 131 cm U3 extended power and projection, with the peerless tonal and expressive control of the legendary Yamaha action.

Yamaha silent YUS1
Yamaha Silent piano YUS1

YUS1 model equipped with the Upright “Silent Piano” system (SG Type)
The YUS1 SI offers a fantastic tonal variety and a superb qualtity to all those used to the best a piano can give.

Yamaha silent YUS3
Yamaha Silent piano YUS3

YUS3 model equipped with the Upright “Silent Piano” system (SG Type)
Featuring a solid high-end design, the YUS3 delivers a rich, unparalleled sound that discerning pianists swear by.

Yamaha silent YUS5
Yamaha Silent piano YUS5

YUS5 model equipped with the Upright “Silent Piano” system (SG Type)
Meticulously crafted from the finest materials, the YUS5 offers a refined look in an elegant upright design that delivers expressive control, superb sound and natural touch through Yamaha’s own Ivorite keyboard.